Twin Bed to Porch Swing

Did you ever thing having a bed as a swing is just a fairytale? Wrong! If your porch is strong enough and you have an extra bed, you can create this mystical, whimsical an fun porch swing right in your own home. 7b435cb4c2ad8d74719e743d7098f76b1 Twin Bed to Porch Swing

  1. First you want to have an inspector investigate if your porch beams/structure is strong enough for this.
  2. When you have gotten the OK, you want to start building! You can either use pallets and create a pallet structure to set the twin bed on, or if you can find a frame that fits your bed and allows you to hang chains, that’s great!
  3. Then you want to attach industrial strength hooks to the “ceiling” of your porch.
  4. When you have done this and your base/frame is finished, you want to attack hooks to the side of your frame, to attach the swing. Make sure you space them enough apart on the ceiling so that you do have a bit of a swing.
  5. When you have attached these hooks, you want to take the chain (which must be strong enough to support the weight of a person, swing, and a frame – do not cheat yourself because of the price.
  6. Then you want to attach the chain to the ceiling first, then the frame. This makes it easier.
  7. When it’s attached, you want to take your twin bed and place on top. Then you can add pillows and such – enjoy!

This is a great area to just sit, relax, read a book or to escape mentally for a while.

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