DIY Outside White Twig Light

Want to do something creative with an umbrella, but never know what? This is a great way to use a broken umbrella or one you no longer want to use.

900c1a8816f0717a186447b67b6284d51 DIY Outside White Twig Light

What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Umbrella
  • White spray paint
  • Christmas Lights
  • Pins

To start this projects you need to open up an umbrella, and use the scissors to cut off all of the fabric, all you want is the wire frame. You need to be┬ácareful that you don’t cut yourself on the scissors or the metal of the umbrella.

Once you have done this, you need to put a sheet down on the floor and spray paint the wire frame. This will give this the appearance of white twigs. make sure you do a couple of coats to make sure you get every part of the wire and to make it look even and not patchy. Doing this in a well ventilated area would be best because of the fumes.

Once this is all dry, untangle the Christmas lights and start placing them around the umbrella frame. Winding around the wire will help them to stay attached to the wire without falling off. When this is all done the wire of the light should be up the top with the umbrella handle. This means you can hang it outside and nails it up. You can also use the nails to keep the wire from dangling from the ceiling.

It is a great way to create something funky and creative. It also gives you a fun chance to create something to use when you need a light outside, for a very small price.

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