How to Remove and Install Baseboard Trim

Need help on how to remove and install baseboard trim? Here are a few points on how to do it.

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How To Remove Baseboard Trim:

Using a knife cut the caulk of the baseboard or use a multi purpose painting tool. Making sure that you are careful and not cutting towards yourself. Next, using your painting tool, wedge it behind the baseboard. Now you can use your pry bar to pry the baseboard of the wall. Tip, whilst using the pry bar use a block of wood the protect the wood where you put pressure on the pry bar. You can now work down the wall, you can use the painters tool to keep the base board away from the wall whilst you use the pry bard further down the wall. Tip, if you have resistance from the board there’s a chance that’s were a screw is, so you need to be careful not to pull to hard and snap the baseboard.

How To Install Baseboard Trim:

First, measure the walls where you are going to install, to make sure you get enough of the material. When you go to buy your material make sure you buy extra, in case measurements are wrong, or you need spare for any mistakes. Next, you use sand paper to sand down the baseboard to allow the paint or primer to stick better. Now you can either paint it or use primer, which ever you prefer.  When they are dry you can the parts to the size that they need to be. Tip, the best way to nail it to the wall, is to get a stud locator, so you can put the nails straight into a stud. But, now you can nails this to the wall. Now you apply caulking to the top of the baseboard to stop moisture getting in and any other gaps. Paint again in the final coat of paint, making sure to use masking tape to cover the floor and wall. Now enjoy your finished walls.

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