Fire Glass: What It Is and How To Use It

What is fire glass you ask? Well we’re going to tell you! This is a wonderful environment friendly product that everyone should own! It’s safe and works. Read further on what fire glass can do for you.
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  • Fire glass is a tempered glass that retains heat and replaces gas logs in fireplaces. The glass pebbles retains heat from fire.
  • Not only does this allow you to not worry if you’re fireplace is going to catch on fire, but it’s aesthetically pleasing and will slightly help the environment by not burning wood but you still have to use gas. The edges of the glass pebbles are made so that they are soft and rounded rather than sharp jagged edges.
  • Where can you use this lovely product, you ask? You can use this in non-vented or vented fireplaces or outdoor fire pits. Check your manufacturer for a list of approved non-vented burner systems.
  • The greatest part about this is that you can use this with natural or propane gas. When you do purchase fire glass, you have to make sure you purchase the right connection set up which type of gas you are using.
  • “Do they melt?” Absolutely not! These tempered glass pebbles are rounded to be safe, they do not melt, warp, scratch, etc. So you’re saving money by not having to by any more, just more gas!
  • The only down side to this product is that you don’t get the cozy smell of burning wood when you use this in your fire pit. Other than that, burn away and invite friends over! You can still make s’mores with this!

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